#1 Compression Cubes

  • They have a double zipper compression system so you can fit more in less space which means you will be able to store bulky or out of season clothes in pristine conditions.

  • They have a mesh top so you can easily see and remember where everything is which means you will not have difficulty or get stressed about knowing where things are.

  • They come in different sizes and colors so you can easily create a size and color-coded system which means you will be able to plan and simplify your organization process so it does not become overwhelming.

"These are fantastic for saving space. Love them!"

Why Do You Need This?

Most of us are familiar with the slipshod method of packing. You throw everything in there and hope, with fingers crossed, that your luggage will close. This frequently results in never having adequate space to pack, and so we end up with a chaotic mess in our suitcase.

How do Luma Cubes™ Help?

Luma Cubes™ are specifically designed to maximize luggage capacity by eliminating excess air between clothing. With a neat double zipper compression system, these cubes are super compact meaning they fit snug inside a bag without taking up too much room. Packing for a vacation can be a real ordeal, things are so much easier with Luma Cubes™.

Built for Travel Design

With no mess and zero stress, Luma Cubes™ allow you to pack and unpack efficiently. In fact, many choose to simply use Luma Cubes™ as mini drawers in their hotel closet. This is a great idea as the full zipper opening offers total access and visibility, something enhanced by the see-through mesh top.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do They Work?

Compression packing cubes use a two zipper system (like expandable suitcases) to help eliminate the extra bulk when packing your luggage. The zippers literally compress your clothes together and eliminate wasted space.

How Much Can They Hold?

The cubes dimensions are: small cube 30cm x 20cm | 11.8in x 7.8in, medium cube 35cm x 25cm | 13.8in x 9.8in, and large cube 40cm x 35cm | 15.8in x 13.8in.

How Much Do They Compress?

This will depend on how much clothes you put into them, but they compress from 4in |10.2 cm to 1.6in | 4cm.

How Much Do the Cubes Weigh?

The cubes weights are: small - 3.3oz, medium - 4.1oz, large - 4.9oz

How Many are Included in a Set?

Each set includes 3 compression packing cubes: 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large.

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How Do They Work?

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