#1 Compression Cubes

  • They have a double zipper compression system so you can fit more in less space which means you will be able to store bulky diapers or extra sets of clothes without taking up so much space.

  • They have a mesh top so you can easily see and remember where everything is which means you will not have difficulty or get stressed about knowing where things are, especially in the middle of a diaper emergency.

  • They come in different sizes and colors so you can easily create a size and color-coded system which means you will be able to plan and simplify your organization process so it does not become overwhelming while looking for the necessary spare binky.

"These are fantastic for diaper emergencies. Love them!"

Why Do You Need This?

Diaper blow-outs

We have all been there.. Digging around frantically looking for everything you need? Leaving the diaper bag like a tornado just went through...

Or are you always feeling like you need more space?

For being so adorably small, babies sure require a lot of stuff. When it comes to putting together a diaper bag for a day out, knowing what to put in it and how to organize it can quickly get overwhelming.

How do Luma Cubes™ Help?

Let’s face it, it’s hard being a mom of a little one!

Throw in poop-stained clothes with clean clothes?

Or worse off together with white gold aka breast milk (that took you forever to pump) or baby food?

Not what you need😩...

Luma Cubes™ to the rescue!

Here to ease your stress, so you can focus on what really matters, your precious little one

Built for On The Go Moms

With no mess and zero stress, Luma Cubes™ allow you to pack and unpack your bags efficiently. In fact, many choose to simply use Luma Cubes™ as changing emergency bags by keeping diaper changing supplies to be grabbed quickly and taken to the changing table or with a spare shirt for parents and babies in case of a serious spit-up situation. This is a great idea as the full zipper opening offers total access and visibility, something enhanced by the see-through mesh top.

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How It Work

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do They Work?

Compression packing cubes use a two zipper system (like expandable suitcases) to help eliminate the extra bulk when packing your luggage. The zippers literally compress your clothes together and eliminate wasted space.

How Much Can They Hold?

The cubes dimensions are: small cube 30cm x 20cm | 11.8in x 7.8in, medium cube 35cm x 25cm | 13.8in x 9.8in, and large cube 40cm x 35cm | 15.8in x 13.8in.

How Much Do They Compress?

This will depend on how much clothes you put into them, but they compress from 4in |10.2 cm to 1.6in | 4cm.

How Much Do the Cubes Weigh?

The cubes weights are: small - 3.3oz, medium - 4.1oz, large - 4.9oz

How Many are Included in a Set?

Each set includes 3 compression packing cubes: 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large. The set also includes a free travel bag for your shoes.

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